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We help families who have suffered
from botched circumcisions on their infants. 

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Botched Circumcision Attorney

Jonathan W. Johnson has over 25 years of experience as a trial lawyer with an emphasis on medical malpractice; in this area, he has vast experience dealing with botched circumcisions and wrongful circumcisions, including cases of negligence.

What is considered a Botched Circumcision?

There are many ways in which circumcisions can be botched. One of the most common occurrences is when a nurse or doctor removes too much of the baby’s penis’s shaft skin; this usually results in excessive bleeding and is often covered with skin from the bottom area of the penis. 

After the wound heals, the overall length of the penis is reduced, surgery most of the time can only correct part of these conditions. If the affected part is not immediately attached, the baby/boy will suffer permanent disfigurement that will affect him for life.


31 Million Dollar Historic Verdict

“Baby D had the chance to have a normal childhood and life,” “That chance was stolen from him when the defendants performed a botched circumcision, [and] withheld key information, including the preserved tissue, from his mother, sealing his fate. The physical and psychological effects from this procedure will be life-long for Baby D.”

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